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This Weekly Blog Post Isn't THAT Late

Posted by Thew on

Has it been more than a week since our last one of these? Maybe, but who even knows how to figure out something like that? Since our last post, we have given away another set of packs; congratulations, @alika808tn! Julie enjoyed your joke and your story more than all of the others!

Now that out two back-to-back giveaways are done, we will be taking a short break before getting the next one up and running, but make sure you’re following us on Instagram so you don’t miss it!

We are working on a few new features on some of our packs, so if you’d like to see one about something specific, let us know! We should have our first video up sometime next week… probably… but nobody here likes to see themselves on screen, so we think they’re a lot worse than they probably are.

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Instagram Giveaway Part II: Dad Joke Domination

This Father’s Day we want to give you a pack for both you and your pa, but it’s fine if you want two for yourself, or one for you and one for someone who isn’t your dad. Julie had so much fun picking the last winner, we want to let her do it again! On account of us [...]

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Instagram Giveaway, Part I

Well, we just finished our first Instagram giveaway. There were a lot of good comments, so in an effort to be impartial I recused myself as the decider and had our non-social-media-using graphic artist, Julie, pick the winner:Congratulations, @mattybike, two Defender Packs are coming your way! Don’t be sad if you didn’t win, or didn’t even know we were giving something [...]

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​NRAAM Recap: Not Really Adding A (lot), Man

After five busy days in the land of Col. Sanders and blue moons (the outer-space/Ray Charles kind, not the beer kind), we have made it back to Red Rock Outdoor Gear HQ. We had the chance to show off our products and get them into the hands of thousands of NRA members at their 2016 annual meeting. We even [...]

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We Still Have a Blog!

I think every time we get around to updating our blog, we make excuses about why it’s been so long; this time won’t be an exception! Things have been ridiculously busy here at Red Rock Outdoor Gear on account of trade shows and new products, also, supporting local charities (like the Central Texas Youth Rodeo Association and the Lake Brazos Rotary [...]

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Post-Show Post

Well, weekly blogs took a backseat again, this time for trade shows and new-product development. I guess that’s the downside of having a small team with the upside being the chance to do a wide array of things that you wouldn’t get to do at larger companies. The last two trade shows we attended were the SHOT Show and [...]

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Post-Holiday Post

Well, it looks like we missed a week, but we knew that was bound to happen eventually. We are ready to get back on track, despite everyone getting ready to leave the office next week for the Army Navy Military Expo and SHOT Show. They’re both in Las Vegas, so if you’ll be in the area, you should stop by [...]

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Pre-Holiday Post

We decided to try and get this week’s post in early on account of the upcoming holidays. Our offices will be closed Thursday and Friday. Some exciting new products have arrived in our warehouse, as well as a bunch that have been out of stock for a while. The two I’m most excited about are the two new colors [...]

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​A Whole Month in a Row! Kinda…

As this is being typed, the printer (the person kind, not the office kind) is churning out thousands of copies of our Red Rock Outdoor Gear catalogs. The whole catalog process takes a lot longer than most people think, and finding mistakes seems waaaaaay easier on a legitimately printed final version you can no longer change than the PDFs [...]

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We Got This Week's In! (Barely)

Guess what, everyone; the catalogs are (mostly) done! The files have been sent to the printer a little bit earlier today, and now we wait. Every year, things are pushed until the last minute and this year was no exception. We have high hopes for next year, mostly because the people who made the catalog happen now have another [...]

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