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Once a Week Seems a Bit Ambitious in Hindsight...

It looks like we are a little late with the weekly blog post from last week. Things around here have been getting pretty busy as we approach Christmas. We have been working like crazy to try and keep up with the cavalcade of holiday orders that have been pouring in since Black Friday. Plus, we have been sending folks [...]

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Happy Turkey Day!

Boom, two weeks in a row! I have now tied the record for most consecutive blog posts by a Red Rocker! In other exciting blog-related news, I think we finally figured out how to turn on the comments so you can now opine right here on this page, unless they aren’t working which means you can still send angry [...]

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Weekly Blog? More Like "Weakly Blog," Right?

Geez, keeping up with a weekly blog is a lot harder than it sounded when this started two months ago. It’s been quite a while since any of us Red Rockers (I think that’s what we are called; if not, it is now) gave more than a second’s thought to putting something on the blog. I know readership [...]

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It's Still a New Website

Hello! We’ve only had the updated up and running for a couple of weeks, so we are still calling it “our new website,” and will continue to do so until people start complaining. We’ve actually had quite a few new things become available in the past few weeks, like out Commuter Series packs. They are pretty awesome [...]

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Welcome to the first official blog post on the all-new! It’s actually our first blog post ever, so thank you for taking the time to read it. Although we didn’t warn anybody, we have updated and upgraded our website to offer a superior shopping experience for our valued customers by moving onto Bigcommerce. If you’ve visited [...]

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